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“I guess going back to the very start of it, I remember waking up and no one knew what businesses were going to be open or closed, and how anything was going to take shape. We looked in the papers and they published the list of all of the businesses that were deemed essential that were staying open, and bike shops were on the list twice. 

So we had some thinking to do about how we were going to change our practices. How we were going to disinfect everything, what the working operation was going to be to make sure that customers and staff stayed safe. And then it all kicked off really, in terms of being a bicycle shop. We got very, very busy, very quickly. At first, we almost got too busy, if that makes sense? At one point we had 274 bikes that needed fixing. In the first 12 months we repaired over 1,000 bicycles, which for a two guys and a dog operation was a little bit overwhelming. But equally you know, we felt we were helping. We were doing free servicing for NHS staff, and one of our suppliers was helping with free jackets and free lights for NHS staff so that everyone could get to work in health care without using public transport. Riding to work was lovely. The roads were empty. The weather was beautiful, and it was happy days.”

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