A lasting testimony from Sheffield

Everybody has a story from the pandemic
we'd love to hear yours


We're all living through a world historic event
Be part of history
Be part of Sheffield's story

Rosh standing in a kitchen in Heeley, Sheffield
Sabia from Darnall sat in her living room
Anita sat in the care home where she works

Rosh - Heeley

"Like if the pandemic proved anything, literally my health and well being depends on your health and well being."

Sabia - Darnall

"And, you know, we had that whole rule of, no touching, you know how, how, in that moment, it just was something I couldn’t do. And I broke that rule. And I got down on the ground, and I put my hand on her back and let her cry. "

Anita - Shirecliffe

"To start with I was very frightened of it. Obviously I’ve got a family. I actually catch two buses to come to work and two buses go home, so I was very paranoid when I got on buses. Sterilising, mask, everything."

Let's celebrate the small acts of kindness
positive change
and remember those
we have lost

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