Stories from the pandemic. A lasting testimony from Sheffield.


We are all living through a world-historical event. No community has been untouched by the pandemic. In a very real sense, we are finding our way through this together. But what the experience of living through such a global, universal event actually feels like is particular to every individual living it.


Despite the universality of this crisis, the texture of its experience for each of us has, by its very nature, been isolating. We all stand witness to a totalising event in our own discrete, specific ways.


Stories From The Pandemic is a new project that is part of Sheffield’s Covid-19 memorial tribute plans. Delivered by social enterprise Opus Independents in partnership with Sheffield City Council, Sheffield City Archives, Compassionate Sheffield and Lab 4 Living, the project aims to gather stories from the people of Sheffield to inform and strengthen the city’s memorial plans. 


Contributions, drawn from all walks of life, will form a lasting testimony and historical record of the pandemic’s impact from the perspective of individuals and the communities they live in. The perspective and experience of individuals will inform plans for community memorials and a memorial statue in the city centre. To make sure this is rooted in the experiences of the people of Sheffield we’d like to encourage you to submit your story. 


Let's celebrate the small acts of kindness, support positive change and remember those we have lost.


Be part of history. Be part of Sheffield's story.

Black and white skyline of Sheffield