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S6 Foodbank - Sheffield

“My nana died, actually. It was ten days before Christmas, and it was weird because she’d gone in for a fall or something. We weren’t really sure how unwell she was, and then once she was in the hospital they said, ‘Oh, she’s got Covid.’ She was 80 something, you know, particularly vulnerable to the virus. She died in there. That was tough.

We had a funeral service for her. A fair few of us were able to go in person with our masks on, socially-distanced. Then we spoke a bit outside. It was January, it was freezing cold. A few of my close family drove to McDonald’s, got a drive-thru and sat in cars next to each other and ate the drive-thru together. You want to be together as family. You want to remember that person and share memories and just, you know, speak together, and your sort of traditional way can’t do it properly, so that was a real challenge.”

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