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Parson Cross, Sheffield

“I’ve got two sons. One is an adult, and the other one is 13 years old, so he spends his time at home while I’m at work, as I used to work at night. So when I come home in the morning, I do a general cleaning including my uniforms, and sanitise everything daily, to protect my kids at home. Then I have to try and go to sleep, before I have to go to work again.

So it’s an impossible situation, that you want to protect your kids to be safe, but you have residents [to care for]. And by that time, nobody is going to do an application to replace you, so you cannot leave the job because we are looking after people. And then you cannot be with your kids who need you. It’s a very tricky situation, it’s very hard.

But looking after somebody is like what you are doing at your own home. Looking after your mum, your child, your sister. Give them as much care as you can.”

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