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Sabia - Darnall

There was one case that I dealt with where I had to go down to ITU at one of the hospitals. And I remember meeting the siblings of a young lady that was on the ward. And they knew that they were going to withdraw treatment now. I don’t remember the sister, sat by me in the chair and said to me, this is not fair. Why is this happening? You know, why is this happening to my loved one? ​ Everybody else was saying to her look, if this is the will of God, you have to accept it. And she needed to get to a place of acceptance. But how was she going to get there, she needed to grieve, she needed to be able to be upset about it. So I remember getting down on the floor and sitting by her and she just put her head on my lap because she just said she just sobbed. And, you know, we had that whole rule of, no touching, you know how, how, in that moment, can leave somebody, you know, it just was something I couldn’t do. And I broke that rule. And I got down on the ground, and I put my hand on her back and let her cry.

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