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Kellyanne from Parkway stood in gymnasium basketball court in black tshirt with hands on hips

Kellyanne - Parkway

We had to change our complete programme from being inside to outside. So we thought how we’re going to start delivering sessions. And so what we decided to do is we’re using the green space. So we worked out on Manor Fields on City Road. And the retention that we got from it was epic, because people could see what we were delivering. So being outside because normally would be inside, and people would see a poster in the post office or the local shop window or community centre, and then the go, oh, I’ll try that boxercise class or that Zumba class. But for all it was our regulars had come up with us and do the classes. And then people had to stop it and say, excuse me, actually, during the session, sometimes we feel quite annoying. But lots of people got to see who we was more people got to know about the development trust that I work for. And so it was it was really good, that way really positive. And we got to speak to people in the community that actually live in the area that didn’t know that we existed, and we’re literally on their doorstep. 

Rosh standing in a kitchen in Heeley, Sheffield
Sabia from Darnall sat in her living room
Anita sat in the care home where she works

Rosh - Heeley

"Like if the pandemic proved anything, literally my health and well being depends on your health and well being."

Sabia - Darnall

"And, you know, we had that whole rule of, no touching, you know how, how, in that moment, it just was something I couldn’t do. And I broke that rule. And I got down on the ground, and I put my hand on her back and let her cry. "

Anita - Shirecliffe

"To start with I was very frightened of it. Obviously I’ve got a family. I actually catch two buses to come to work and two buses go home, so I was very paranoid when I got on buses. Sterilising, mask, everything."

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