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“In the beginning, I didn’t take it seriously at all. Like I thought, oh yeah, two weeks, we’ll be back outside. I remember when I got told I had to move out of my uni accommodation. I packed that little weekend bag because I just thought, in two weeks, I’ll be back and everything will be back to normal.

So this happened during my first year of uni, and then there was second year, where that was weird, because I was a uni student and having to do all the uni work, but I didn’t get to enjoy being a student. Like I didn’t get to go out and see my friends and the events and stuff. So that wasn’t great, and I think my grades definitely suffered because of it, which then put pressure on third year to kind of like, boost the grades, which wasn’t great. And I’d think, sometimes I was resentful of university and I wish I didn’t go to uni now because of this. Like it just didn’t feel worth it.

I mean, I’ve got the degree now, so I’m like, yay! I’m glad I did it.”

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