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Mike from Broomhall stood in his living room wearing a beige zip neck jumper with khaki gilet

Mike - Broomhall  

One of the things about grieving I’ve learned is that there’s a tremendous loss. And that’s the thing that like, hits you really hard. But then over time, you begin to sort of remember the positive things. And those positive things are really healing and you need to share them with people and people need to appreciate that.

Rosh standing in a kitchen in Heeley, Sheffield
Sabia from Darnall sat in her living room
Anita sat in the care home where she works

Rosh - Heeley

"Like if the pandemic proved anything, literally my health and well being depends on your health and well being."

Sabia - Darnall

"And, you know, we had that whole rule of, no touching, you know how, how, in that moment, it just was something I couldn’t do. And I broke that rule. And I got down on the ground, and I put my hand on her back and let her cry. "

Anita - Shirecliffe

"To start with I was very frightened of it. Obviously I’ve got a family. I actually catch two buses to come to work and two buses go home, so I was very paranoid when I got on buses. Sterilising, mask, everything."

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