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To celebrate the small acts of kindness
support positive change 
and remember those we have lost.


Stories From The Pandemic - Documentary
A lasting testimony from Sheffield (63 mins)

Click here if you would like to watch the film and facilitate a group session 

The Willow Tree Memorial

Balm Green Gardens - City Hall, Sheffield.  Built March 2023

This stainless steel sculpture representing a willow tree has been installed as a permanent memorial.

A space to celebrate the small acts of kindness, support positive change and remember those we have lost.

The tree memorialises the Covid pandemic, which was a historic global event. No community was untouched by the pandemic. The experiences of Sheffield residents were captured, stored in the City’s archives and incorporated into the design of this memorial. As we learn about each other’s lives we can lay the foundations for a compassionate Sheffield.

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Community Activity


Explore the wide range of activities that took place across the city which enabled many communities to come together, reflect on their experiences from the pandemic and engage in memorial activity together.

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Sheffield Stories

A lasting testimony from Sheffield. 


As we learn about each others lives we can lay the foundations for a Compassionate Sheffield.

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Share Your Story

Everyone has a story from the pandemic.

We'd love to hear yours

Be part of Sheffield's story.

Everyone has a story.

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